Hello, my name is Amanda J. Spoo and welcome to my professional and creative portfolio. I am a May 2013 graduate with a bachelor of science in agricultural communications and journalism from Kansas State University. I am one of the lucky ones, because my career is exactly what I’ve always wanted — working in agriculture on the behalf of farmers and telling their story.

I am originally from Eastern Oregon along the Columbia River, that divides Oregon and Washington. It was there that my passion for agriculture began. Growing up, I split my time between tagging along with my dad, who was a high school agriculture instructor, and being raised in my family’s third generation flower shop.

I was raised on the values of taking only what you need, to never pass up an opportunity to learn and to always give back more than what is asked. Fast forward to today, when I find myself faced with opportunities for new challenges and opportunities. After staying in Kansas  working in the pork industry for a few years after graduating, I have recently made the move to our nation’s capitol to use my communications skills on behalf of wheat farmers and international trade.

I believe that words are the most important tools that we have, and I want to live my life using my words for agriculture. This industry continues to fascinate me with its tradition, innovation and its people. It is the most rewarding lifestyle that I could imagine having.

 Please use this portfolio to view  my work and utilize my contact information if you have any questions.

God Bless,
Amanda J. Spoo

Professional and Creative Portfolio